What Are the Differences Between an RDA and a Relx Pod?

Designed for stress-free and convenient vapers of all kinds, the Relx Pod electronic cigarettes have been created for easy portability and enjoyment of vaporizing without the dangers associated with smoking a traditional cigarette. Designed to be a small, easy to carry device, the Relx Pod consists of two pieces that are held together with an ergonomic back rest and an air release. When not in use, the two parts simply take shape of each other and snap together to form a solid, sturdy electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette consists of two main sections: the tank which holds your liquid nicotine, and the pre_filled syringe that comes with the kit.

relx pod
relx pod

There are many advantages to the Relx Pod, including a number of features that are unique to this type of electronic cigarettes and kits. These include: open versus closed systems, pre filled versus pre filled systems, and open versus closed systems and upgrades. These are just a few examples, and there are more detailed advantages of each system as you read through the rest of this article.

Open versus Closed Systems – One of the key differences between an open versus closed system is that the latter allows for more flavor options and is easier to use. In contrast, the former are bulkier and require a lot more device to be packed and shipped than the later. The benefit of this style of kit is that it offers you a lot more flexibility in choosing your vaporizer because you have more freedom in sizing the cartomizers. However, some flavor options will be eliminated because of the larger size of the cartridge vapes. Although the disadvantage of this style of kit is that you need to take up more room than you would like to with the bigger size. Also, if the flavors you wish to try do not come in cartridges, you are going to be disappointed with the lack of choice you will have.

Open versus Refillable Cartridge Vapes – This is where the similarities end. On a Relx Pod, you have the freedom to choose between using your own rechargeable battery or buying one that has been preloaded into the unit. Although it is not the most convenient option, for the most part it does save you money. If you are in the market for an affordable and convenient portable vaporizer then the open cartridge vapes are your best option. This way you can easily go between filling your vaporizer with your favorite flavors.

Open Vs Refillable Cartridges – Both open systems and refillable cartridges allow you to replace your own battery. The only difference between these two options is how much you will pay for each one based on what type you buy. An open system will cost you between ten and twenty dollars, whereas a refillable cartridge will cost you between fifty and sixty dollars. Although the prices between these two systems may sound like a huge difference, they really aren’t. In fact, when you think about it, these two options are exactly the same thing.

One Big Difference – A key difference between both open versus closed pod systems comes from the size of the heating element. A Relx Pro and an RDA based unit will both utilize ceramic heaters, which are the biggest reason why the price difference is so big. A smaller heating element will use less power, which will save you money. The real difference however comes from the size of the heating element, as this determines the amount of vapor you can produce. Ceramic units tend to produce the most flavorful vapor, which will ultimately make the price difference negligible. Once you have decided what type of vaporizer you want to purchase, you are now ready to begin shopping.

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